How Sculpted Works

Clay is powerful, but complicated. Sculpted does the heavy lifting for you. Give us your dream outbound campaign ideas, and we'll do the rest.

Pricing & Packages


UNLIMITED Clay plays.
Pause or cancel anytime.

What’s included:

  • 1 Active request at a time
  • Average 72 hour delivery (per play)
  • Inbox setup (domain purchase, inbox config, warming, etc)
  • Sequence building (email copywriting, sequence setup, A/B testing, etc)
  • Trello portal to track & order new plays
  • Performance and reporting dashboard
  • Direct Slack channel with Jacob
  • Dedicated Sculpter


UNLIMITED Clay plays.
Pause or cancel anytime.

Everything in Standard, plus:

  • 2 Active requests at a time
  • “Pro” plays with custom APIs & Webhooks
  • Dedicated developer for complex plays that require custom coding
  • SDR Enablement Workflows
    Queue up high-intent call tasks
    Automatically follow-up with OOO replies
    Push intent data into your CRM for rep visibilitiy
  • Custom integrations

Popular Clay Plays

Personalized Gift Campaign
Infer prospect's unique interests with LinkedIn and ChatGPT. Then, send them a funny customized mug idea in exchange for a meeting.
Buying Signals Campaign
Reach out to prospects with keywords in their LinkedIn about section that suggest they're a good fit for your solution.
Funny Riddle Campaign
Send a funny riddle to your buyer and the answer to someone on their team. Create buzz in the company Slack and book more meetings.

Your Outbound Engine is Broken

SDR teams are expensive and inefficient. 80% of their time goes to manual research and data entry. Stop overspending on a team that isn't hitting quota. There’s a better way…

Generate pipeline. Without a gazillion SDRs.

Meet the modern outbound motion: no more SDRs, manual work,  spray-and-pray tactics, or a bloated tech stack. Instead, scale relevant messages to your dream prospects at a fraction of your SDR team's cost.

Target your dream prospects. Without manual research.

Stop using your SDRs as overpaid data entry specialists and ditch your virtual assistant. Instead, combine the power of manual research with the scale of automation to build your dream prospect list in less time, for less money.

Send "handwritten" emails. Without writing them by hand.

Prospects don't respond when your messages aren't 1:1, but handwritten emails don’t scale. Using 100+ data sources, web scraping, and ChatGPT, unlock the power of highly relevant, personalized email without manual research.

Scale sending volume. Without hitting spam.

Sculpted configures and warms multiple domains for you. Emails are rotated automatically while sending to avoid spam. Scale your outbound volume to thousands of targeted emails daily with high deliverability

Save 6-figures on sales tech.

Stop signing exorbitant, unnecessary annual contracts for multiple stale data providers and sales engagement tools. Instead, “waterfall” providers to find the most accurate data for the lowest cost.

Tap into the most revolutionary sales product in the last 10 years

Before Clay, it was impossible to scale relevant, personalized outreach campaigns. We've entered into a new era of outbound. With Clay, unlock the power of targeted lead lists and relevant outreach at a scale never before possible.

Sales reps don't scale

Sales reps spend most of their on manual research, updating spreadsheets, and writing emails. You're lucky if one sales rep can send a few dozen emails per day... manual outbound doesn't scale.

Don't sacrifice quality for quantity

If a sales reps want to scale their outreach, they have to buy a huge list and blast a generic email out to unqualified prospects. Most emails are ignored, and meetings booked often aren't qualified.

Unlock the best both worlds

Clay unlocks the power of manual research and handwritten emails with power of automation. Finally scale your winning outbound campaigns and book qualified meetings on autopilot.

Sendoso Case Study 

We generated $500k in pipeline during our first quarter with Sendoso. Check out our interview with Sendoso's Co-Founder and CEO, Kris Rudeegraap:

Hey hey - I'm Jacob

I've run outbound motions for 7+ years for agencies and tech startups. Outreach was either manual and slow, or automated and spammy. I founded Sculpted to bridge the gap with Clay, and unlock targeted, personalized outbound at scale.

Ready to generate more pipeline?

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